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What other symptoms are associated with Kallmann syndrome ?
29 Ekim 2017

What other symptoms are associated with Kallmann syndrome ?

Kallmann syndrome and other forms of congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism are congenital conditions. This means they are present from birth and have a genetic origin. Over 25 different genes have been found to cause cases of Kallmann syndrome or CHH, with certainly more genes to be discovered. These genes will have other actions around the body and can problems or defects in these genes can lead to additional symptoms.

Every case of Kallmann syndrome or CHH is slightly different, the gene defects in each case might be different. Even if the same gene defects are present they may not cause the same problems in two different cases. 

This has given rise to a range of extra symptoms that can sometimes be associated with Kallmann syndrome and CHH. Some are very rare, some are more common. These symptoms will exist in people without Kallmann syndrome or CHH but when they occur in addition to delayed or absent puberty it can alert doctors to a possible diagnosis.